I’m now using my Google Apps account on Android

Posted by peter on Sunday, May 31, 2009

When I bought my Android phone 6 months ago I wasn’t able to use my Google Apps account for my own domain (merikan.com). The only account that worked was my GMail account, so I have been using this until today. I wasn’t so eager to switch since i have all my IM friends connected to my GMail account but now I have changed this so it was time to do a change on my phone to.

I didn’t want to reset my phone to make that change so I did a little googling on the subject. I found this blog post that put me in the right direction. All I had to do was to run the setup wizard and to be able to run that I install the Any Cut application from the Market. Add a short cut to Setup Wizard (I had two and it was the second one 😉 ). I ran the setup wizard and that was it. I’m now using my Google Apps account on my Android phone.

Still have problem with Anroid Market since it can’t connect with this new account. When I run it it says: “No downloads from Android Market”. If you know how to fix this, help is appreciated.

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