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Unable to build my project with Intellij

Update 2021-05-12 - Updated Intellij to latest version 2021.1.1 and it looks like this problem is solved. I also had problems using log in static block and it’s also fixed. Today I had some serious problems with my Intellij installation. It all started after updating to the current latest patch 2020.3.2 and I could no longer build my project inside Intellij. I had no problem building it from the command line with maven but in the ide, it refused to build.

Troubleshooting Hyperswitch

time to fix this once and for all

update 20190625: Sometimes the login console prevents hyperswitch to work properly, see below. Intro For many years I’ve been using an excellent little gem called Hyperswitch. From time to time I have had problems with it, suddenly it just stopped working and I have never found out what the reason really was. I have Googled for it and tried all sorts of things but nothing has worked and suddenly it has started to work again.

Upgrade to Bash 5 in MacOS

I am a long time user of Zsh but I also use Bash now and then but mostly when running bash scripts. The other day when upgrading SdkMan it complained that I was using an old version of bash. I have to admit that I have used the default bash installation in MacOS. What I didn’t know was that Apple will not update Bash, because the latest version is licensed under GPLv3, which Apple cannot use.