Installing WordPress MU on Lunarpages

Posted by peter on Sunday, September 16, 2007

I wanted to install a blogging software that everyone in the family could use. Lunarpages has the Fantastico package that contains the WordPress software. Unfortunately this is the single -user version of WordPress and I wanted each and every family member to have their own blog e.g.

This how I did it.

  1. Create a subdomain named blogs (
  2. Create database wpmu
  3. Create db user wpmu and add the user to the database
  4. Download the wpmu tar file and extract it on the desktop
  5. Now upload the exploded tar file to the root directory of the newly created subdomain named blogs (/www/blogs/)
  6. Run the WordPress MU installation script by accessing
  7. Select subdirectories.
  8. Done

You might also want to restrict blog signups.

  1. Log in as admin
  2. Select Site admin|options and restrict domain email and use
  3. or you can edit the wp-signup.php instead to only allow admin to add a new blog. Just add the following lines after get_header in wp-signup.php.
    if( is_user_logged_in() == false xor is_site_admin() == false ) {<br /> die( __('Sorry we are not accepting new bloggers at this time. If you already have an account - but no administrator rights - you are unable to create new blogs as well.') );<br /> }<br /> <a href="">for more info..</a><br />

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